Best Puzzle Games- Instant Boredom Killers


To kill boredom, the only thing that comes to our mind is games. Either you are bored with the surroundings or having a bad day, games like puzzle games can boost your mood.

So, do you have the best puzzle games to kill your boredom instantly? Don’t worry, we got. Scroll to the end for the best five options.

Best Puzzle Games

1.  Tetris 

Your childhood would have been incomplete if you didn’t play this game. Tetris is the first puzzle game we encounter in our lives. Nowadays, you can play this game on a desktop or smartphone or a modern form is baccarat game which is another way of to earn money but back in the time when we used to play it on Nokia 3310, the fun was doubled.

No matter how many puzzle games are available in the market, no one can beat Tetris. 

2.  Threes

In search of the best puzzle game, if you have checked the Play or iOS store, then you must know how high the competition is. Of course, a smartphone is the best medium to enjoy games. 

The game is simple, based on summing numbers. The minimum figure you get is 1. By adding 1+1, you make 2, then 3, and the game keeps going on. The trick to use while playing the game is to make sure the screen doesn’t get stuffed with multiple numbers.

3.  Candy Crush Saga

If you say you haven’t heard about Candy Crush Saga, then we will be like, are you sure you’re not living under the rock? The game is as sweet as candy. Basically, Candy Crush Saga is about pairing items. 

Keep making pairs of candies (minimum three) & the score keeps rising. On pairing 4-5 items, you get a booster that clears multiple items at one swipe. The levels are more than 9800 that complete in 657 episodes.

4.  The Witness

The witness game is a perfect option for those who don’t want bright color themes and irritating characters. The game is all about solving one puzzle and moving to the other.

The theme of the game is on solving the maze puzzle. When you solve one, a rope will guide you to the next. On walking towards the next and solving it, you proceed to the next. That is how the game keeps going.

5.  X2 Block- Merge

This one is our all-time game body. You may find this game a bit similar to the threes, but this one is simpler and versatile. As the name says, you have to merge number blocks.

The smallest block you get is 2. You start the game by merging 2+2. The highest block in this game is the infinity block. It means that there is no end. You keep adding the number; your score keeps increasing.


With that said, we hope now you will enjoy your boredom with the best puzzle game. In our opinion, you should try Tetris, Candy Crush Saga, and X2 Block- Merge. These three puzzle games are the best of all.

Lastly, don’t forget the comment section is yours. Do share your experience after enjoying the best puzzle games. 

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